Nike has filed a lawsuit against World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE) for the use of “Just Bring It” phrase made famous by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Nike believes the mark is too similar to its “Just Do It” slogan.

According to Forbes, WWE used the mark as a subtitle for a “SmackDown” video game fifteen years ago, but the lawsuit stems from WWE’s filing for federal trademark protection in October 2014. WWE is seeking to use the phrase on a variety of clothing, including shirts, jackets, pants, underwear and pajamas. In December 2015, WWE’s application was published for opposition and Nike filed a claim.

Nike in court papers said the trademark “will inevitably lead to confusion, to mistake, or to deception of the public…all to [Nike’s] grave and irreparable damage” to Nike’s “Just Do It” mark.

Nike stated it has “continuously used the ‘Just Do It’ in interstate commerce since at least as early as 1989 in connection with various clothing items.” It also claims it has been successful defending its “Let’s Do It” trademark, including one for “JUST JESU IT.”

“Just Bring It” was originally the catchphrase of Dwayne Johnson in his pro wrestling persona, “The Rock.” In February, Under Armour launched a long-term partnership that includes apparel, footwear and accessories with Johnson, who has become a movie star. WWE is also an equity partner in TapOut, the mixed martial arts lifestyle brand that might be able to tap the “Just Bring It” phrase.