Nike, which has been offering its environmentally friendly Nike Considered Design products for several years now, says that for the first time, it will offer such products in all six of its divisions – basketball, running, soccer, women’s training, men’s training and sportswear – as well as in tennis and its all-condition gear products.

Nike’s best selling running shoe, the Pegasus, celebrating its 25th anniversary, is the first pinnacle running shoe to be Nike Considered Design.

“As we look at how we design and develop products and run our global business, it’s not enough to be solving the challenges of today,” said president and CEO Mark Parker, in a statement. “We are designing for the sustainable economy of tomorrow, and for us that means using fewer resources, more sustainable materials and renewable energy to produce new products.”

The Beaverton, OR-based company reiterated its goals to have all its shoes meet “Considered” standards by 2011, all clothing by 2015, and all equipment like balls, gloves and backpacks by 2020. The changes will create a 17% reduction in waste in its supply chain, and an increase of 20% in its use of environmentally preferred materials.


Parker said benefits of streamlining the supply chain will offset the increased costs from purchasing environmentally-preferred materials, such as organic cotton.


“It all begins with design and engineering, and Nike designers will lead the Considered Design process to create more sustainable products with no compromise to consumers,” said Lorrie Vogel, Nike Considered GM. “Were proud of our accomplishments, and they represent a significant step toward making all Nike brand footwear, apparel and equipment Considered.”


Nike said its long-term vision for Considered is to design products that are “fully closed loop: produced using the fewest possible materials, designed for easy disassembly while allowing them to be recycled into new product or safely returned to nature at the end of their life.”


Towards this effort, Nike said it collaborated with The Natural Step, an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to education and research in sustainable development, to help create its future vision.


“The Natural Step and Nike have been working together to create a more sustainable future for 10 years. Nike’s progress has been tremendous. We are proud to be partners in their journey,” said The Natural Step founder, Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert.


“I have been inspired by Nike’s commitment and leadership,” added Richard Blume, senior advisor with The Natural Step. “By using sustainability principles to guide decisions and create their Considered vision, Nike has ensured that its innovation efforts are informed by a rigorous, scientific understanding of sustainability. We believe that this distinguishes Nike and positions the company well to navigate the future.”