The NFL threatened to eject Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch from the NFC Championship Game for wearing a pair of  customized gold Nike cleats. The NFL has warned Lynch and other athletes about wearing customized cleats because it covers up the swoosh logo.

The league's uniform code also states that all players must wear black, white
or team colors during every game. Teams submit their colors by July 1.
The Seahawks did not have gold on that list.

During the NFL on Fox pregame show, Jay Glazer reported that the NFL
threatened to eject Lynch from the game if he wore the shoes. “The NFL
found out and actually contacted the Seahawks and threatened that if he
wears the cleats, which are not league sanctioned, he will be ejected
from the game,” he said.

Instead of the testing the league, Lynch came out in pregame warm-ups with normal Seahawks neon green boots instead of the gold customized cleats which were said to cost $1,100.