Newton Running announced a new campaign dubbed #Extraordinary to share the stories of Newton athletes and ambassadors doing #Extraordinary things.

The campaign will feature stories of Newton athletes and ambassadors who have accomplished #Extraordinary personal and athletic feats. They are each uniquely driven in their pursuits. Some have overcome extreme obstacles. Some are fathers, mothers, coaches and more. Some are empowered to support a charitable organization that’s close to their heart. Every other week over the next six months, Newton will publish a unique story on its blog and social outlets highlighting each individual’s motivations, inspirations and challenges, as well as athletic and personal accomplishments.

While we all can’t complete in the summer Olympics, win countless races, or have a story to tell of overcoming an extreme obstacle, we each are dreaming, undertaking and pursuing big and small #Extraordinary wins in our own lives. Throughout the campaign, Newton will ask its followers to share their own #Extraordinary stories.

Some of the Newton athletes and ambassadors to be featured include:
• John Maclean
• Becca Pizzi
• Van McCarthy
• Brent & Kyle Pease
• Bo Parrish
• Gareth Evans