Naklin premium base layer collection geared for big mountain freestyle and backcountry riders will debut in finer snowboard shops around the world this August. Legendary snowboarder, Kevin Jones and industry veteran, Abe Gilreath co-founded the brand with the post X-Games all-mountain rider in mind.

“Co-founder, Kevin Jones and team rider, Lonnie Kauk are traveling extensively this winter to test Naklin's products in the harshest conditions, and the new Naklin Isothermic base layer has met the brand's standards in heat retention and moisture management,” said Abe Gilreath, co-founder of Naklin.

Naklin's Isothermal fabric that cohesively blends polyester and merino wool fibers to keep riders warm in the coldest big mountain conditions is offered in two weights – Winterweight and Stormweight. This new hybrid fabric is a balanced blend of odor suppressing and temperature regulating merino wool and moisture wicking polyester fiber. Polyester is hydrophobic meaning it does not absorb moisture; instead it moves moisture through capillary action to the garment's surface for quick evaporation. Simultaneously, the super soft merino wool fibers provide an extremely high heat-to-weight ratio and can absorb up to 30 percent of their own weight in moisture. This increases the garments' effective surface area enhancing its ability to keep moisture away from the wearer's skin and allowing air to circulate for quick drying.

Priced from $64.00-$112.00, Naklin base layer products will be available for purchase online at or at select retailers this August.

Established in 2011, the snowboarder-owned and run brand, Naklin, creates base layer that retains heat in the harshest big mountain conditions. Founded by industry veterans, Kevin Jones and Abe Gilreath, Naklin's innovative approach to base layer products benefit everyone from the casual snowboarder to the most accomplished mountaineer pushing the limits in Alaska.