Jorge Medina founder, president, and CEO of Controlling the Game Athletics has partnered with Roberto Muller and the Muller Group.

Mr. Muller most notably achieved success as President of Reebok International Ltd., overseeing 21 business units plus the Research, Design and Development team in the U.S. and overseas, as well as the Global Marketing Group. During his tenure, Muller was instrumental in expanding Reebok's sports marketing programs, including athlete endorsements and sports federation sponsorships. These initiatives helped transform the company from a relatively small leisure footwear company to the global athletic footwear and apparel giant that it remains today.

Before joining Reebok, Muller founded PONY Sports & Leisure in 1975 and built it into a $250 million business operating in 37 countries before selling the company to Adidas. Muller also founded Phoenix Integrated, Inc., the parent company of Champion. After a long, successful career in the athletic footwear and apparel industry Mr. Muller vowed never to get involved with another sporting apparel company. When asked, why CTG? Mr. Muller replied, “I recognize the viability of the company as a whole and the dedication and determination of the company’s founder to develop the company into a leading brand. This solidified my belief that partnering with Jorge would be a great fit and an even greater reason to get back into the game.”

This partnership is complementary for both; it is a generational merge that will expand the growth and development of Controlling the Game Athletics. According to Jorge Medina, “The partnership was inevitable; it will build on my vision and move CTG forward to the next level.”

“I founded this company to make a difference in my community. As a youth growing up in the Bronx, people thought this was an impossibility, but I’ve made it a reality. Controlling the Game is not just about sports apparel, it’s about Controlling the Game of Life” Mr. Medina acknowledges that CTG is positioning itself through this partnership to be a globally recognized brand and control a greater market share. “I look forward to working with Mr. Muller to continue our success” said Mr. Medina.

Jorge Medina founded CTG Athletics in 2003 and within three years built CTG into a multimillion dollar company. CTG Athletics is also the first company to be recognized as a Diversity Partner and Minority Supplier for Major League Baseball. Mr. Medina’s philosophy is simple, have the desire to be the best in all aspects of life. “Choosing Mr. Muller to be a principle partner at CTG Athletics represents the best choice for Controlling the Game.”