Movement Skis signed an exclusive three-year deal for North Thin-Ply Technology (TPT), the revolutionary ski construction technology that provides the backbone of their strikingly ultralight X-Series ski collection, according to Garmont North America, which dist the skis in the United States.

Serving up pure lightweight performance with remarkable stability, TPT debuted in North America with the Movement Logic X in 2012 – a shapely ski that weighed only 0.9 kg (at 160cm) yet performed well beyond its weight class.

“The X-Series skis are one of those rare product collections that get people excited and talking from the first moment they touch them on the retail floor,” said David Fee, president of Garmont North America. “People never forget how light they are when they pick them up the first time, and they are continually amazed at how well they ski in a variety of conditions.”
Nine years in the making, TPT technology was first developed for the sail making industry in 1985. By 2010, TPT technology evolved to include several new applications, most notably in the sporting goods market.

To integrate TPT technology into the manufacture of skis, Movement and NORTH TPT developed fiberglass/carbon-impregnated layers, optimized for each model. With the exclusive rights to the innovative new application, Movement was able to create some of the lightest and most technologically advanced touring skis ever made.

The use of complex fibers is a revolutionary technical advancement. The ultra lightweight and highly responsive skis are built using progressive pressure for unparalleled durability and versatility everywhere on the mountain.

Built with a genuine wood core, the X-Series skis longevity far exceeds the classic acrylic or honeycomb lightweight cores. X-Series skis are impact resistant, competition-level touring skis that exceed expectations without adding weight.

ABOUT MOVEMENT SKIS: Designed in Switzerland and skied everywhere, Movement Skis are known worldwide for high energy, high enjoyment skis. Their diverse collection of skis ranges from a revolutionary lightweight touring series to a full throttle freeride line. The award-winning performance of Movement Skis is created through innovative manufacturing techniques, including sustainable 100% wood core construction. For more information on Movement Skis in North America, please visit, or contact Garmont North America at