The search for the wife of Randy Merrell, who helped found the Merrell Boot Co., as well as the co-founder’s grandson, in the Grand Canyon is being scaled back as it enters its sixth day on Thursday.

The news came from a statement from the family of the Lou Ann Merrell and her step-grandson Jackson Standefer that was released Thursday morning.

“After carefully considering all the information available to us, and based on our personal knowledge of the search area, we support Grand Canyon National Park’s (GCNP) decision to scale back the search,” the statement read. “We thank the GCNP staff for their exemplary service. We know they have done everything possible since Saturday, April 15, to find Lou Ann and Jackson. We also know countless people were praying for a much different outcome than this one. We felt your prayers and were sustained by them in ways we cannot begin to describe. We are profoundly grateful for the support that continues to pour in from across the country.”

As reported, Lou-Ann Merrell and Jackson Standefer were last seen trying to cross Tapeats Creek in Grand Canyon National Park on Saturday when they lost their footing to slipped into the water. The pair were hiking below canyon’s North Rim with Randy Merrell and Jackson Standefer’s mom, Julie Standefer.

Merrell, the footwear brand owned by Wolverine Worldwide, has been providing climbers and rescuers to assist in the search.

In a statement that went out across Merrell’s social media channels on Wednesday, Jim Zwiers, executive vice president, Wolverine Worldwide, said, “Our thoughts, prayers and hearts are with Randy Merrell and his family. We have been active in assisting and supporting the search and rescue efforts to ensure that all possible efforts are taken. We are grateful to the people working around the clock and continue to be hopeful.”

Randy Merrell, along with Clark Matis and John Schweizer, founded Merrell Boots in 1981. Merrell sold his shares in 1986 and founded a small custom-built shoe firm, Merrell Foot Labs, in Vernal, UT. Wolverine Worldwide has owned Merrell since 1997.

Photo courtesy Merrell