The campaign references the brand’s core activity with its title, “This is Yoga,” but its visuals highlight activities such as volleyball, capoeira and rapping.

Writer: Carly Terwilliger

Athleisure behemoth Lululemon is taking its technical athletic apparel for yoga, running, training and “most other sweaty pursuits” to the next level with its first-ever global ad campaign.

Crafted by Virtue, the Brooklyn-based in-house creative agency of Vice Media, the campaign consists of mini-documentaries featuring, among others, pro surfer Maddie Peterson, three-time Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings, Art of Capoeira instructor and Lululemon ambassador Jian Pablico and London-based Grime rapper P Money.

Vancouver-based Lululemon isn’t known for spending a lot of money on advertising, preferring to bolster its reputation through grassroots marketing and word of mouth. The new strategy references the brand’s core activity with the title “This is Yoga,” but shows other activities like volleyball, capoeira and rapping.

Virtue and Lululemon are getting out the new message through digital and social channels, some over-the-top TV and global out-of-home. It also includes content with the individual personalities featured in the main ad. Lululemon’s home page is now headlined with images from the campaign and the prompt “Watch the Anthem,” which takes visitors to a video series highlighting the practices of Breath, Self-Discipline and Nonviolence.

Check out videos from the new campaign:

Photo and videos courtesy Lululemon