Louis Garneau, the manufacturer of cycling apparel, helmets and accessories. announced their worldwide sponsorship of teamTBB. Singapore-based teamTBB is a major player in professional triathlon, representing and managing 30 athletes of 15 nationalities. Louis Garneau will become the official helmet and cycling shoe sponsor of teamTBB for racing and training.

teamTBB is a development squad that provides hope and opportunity to many young athletes and struggling pros that would have had no opportunity or pathway to being able to become an earning professional athlete, according to Garneau. TeamTBB provides physical, psychological and mechanical information to all of its athletes and more importantly its current leading athletes are the role models to the rookie and development athletes. In addition to its professional and amateur athlete programs, TeamTBB also works to ensure that youth around the globe can participate in multi-sport events through its social development projects and its franchise, The Bike Boutique. The Bike Boutique provides unique lifestyle services through its bike lifestyle stores and encourages cycling as a means of transportation supported by its bikeLodging services.

“teamTBB gives Louis Garneau the opportunity to achieve several goals including: providing gear to some of the world’s top athletes, continue to push and develop our products in the international marketplace, and support a development squad on their way to becoming professional athletes,” said Louis Garneau International Marketing Director, Pierre Perron. “We are confidant that Louis Garneau has the gear to take these athletes to the next level.”

teamTBB Manager and Managing Director of The Bike Boutique Holding said, “We have long admired the product quality and the eye for technical details that Louis Garneau showcases across its entire product range. We believe that their world class bike shoes will support our athletes in their performances and the helmets will keep them safe and super fast. We are that confident in the Louis Garneau products for our pro athletes that it was an easy choice to also back up this sponsor partnership with a distribution and retail partnership with them in Asia to ensure many more people than just our pro�€�s can enjoy these fantastic products!”

teamTBB�€�s 2010 calendar comprises 250 races in 5 continents. Ironman is the team�€�s main focus �€“ it takes part in 4 out of 5 of the world�€�s full Ironman, and 2 in 5 of half-Ironman events. In the last 30 months, it has garnered 24 outright wins. Among its top athletes are Tereza Macel (CZE), Rebekah Keat (AUS), Stephen Bayliss (GBR), and James Cunnama (RSA).