Li Ning hired Uniqlo’s Kosaka Takeshi as its joint chief executive officer.

Kosaka will be taking on the company’s top position alongside its Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast founder, Li Ning. The Japanese-Chinese retail veteran formerly served as Uniqlos’s chief operating officer for its Chinese unit. Prior to that, Kosaka was the CEO of Uniqlo’s South Korean business unit.

Uniqlo is currently Asia’s largest clothing retailer, with store close to 2,000 stores located worldwide.

According to Beijing-based sportswear maker, Kosaka will be taking the position as the company’s joint CEO effective this week. Kosaka, alongside Li Ning himself, will be managing the company’s various operations. This will include overseeing the company’s supply chain, product development, and retail management.

Mr. Li Ning, Executive Chairman and Joint CEO of the Group, said, “On behalf of the Board, I would like to extend the warmest welcome to Mr. Kosaka for joining the Company and the Board. Looking forward, the Company will continue to implement the strategy of “Single Brand, Multi-categories, Diversified Channels”, and build-up the core competitiveness on the platform of experience value creation and pursuit. Our management will join efforts and strive to achieve the strategic goals of the Company.”