Keen added Chris Burkard, renowned photographer and artist, to its ambassador team.

From stills to motion to books, California-based Burkard’s creative work is layered by surf, outdoor, lifestyle and travel subjects, and his timeless adventure-seeking impressions are punctuated by moments of bliss and the humble placement of humans in contrast to nature.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have Chris join the Keen ambassador program. Chris’s passion for adventure and desire to protect wild places aligns seamlessly with Keen’s values, and his incredible photography is an inspiration for all of us to get outside and experience the wonders of nature both near and far. We look forward to working closely with him on future Keen brand projects,” said Tyler LaMotte, VP of brand marketing at Keen.

From prolific global adventurer to TED Talks to recently receiving the Visionary Photographer of the Year award, Burkard’s character and creative spirit are unique and versatile, making him a great cultural fit for Keen. His lifestyle and creative vision are an inspiration to fans around the world and speak to his insatiable sense of adventure and love of wild places.

“Traveling for me has been an essential part of life. It has been an education for me and a way to truly learn the world around me,” said Burkard. “With a camera it’s made those experiences something I can share with others, and I’m grateful to partner with Keen to help share that message. I always aim to inspire others to seek out wild places, get far out of their comfort zones, and seek opportunities to see places they never thought possible.”

Photo courtesy of Keen.