Indigitous, the Seattle-based agency that specializes in providing brands and their investors with the resources necessary to maximize sales and marketing opportunities with,  has joined The Conservation Alliance.
The newly announced partnership supports The Conservation Alliance’s mission to protect and preserve North America’s last wild spaces. With the help of Alliance supporters, the organization has helped protect 44 million acres, 2,945 river miles, removed or halted 26 dams, purchased 10 climbing areas and designated five marine reserves.

“The Conservation Alliance is a success story of industry peers and competitors coming together to make a difference. Their efforts not only promote the health and diversity of our environment, but also preserve the gift of wilderness for future generations of outdoor enthusiasts,” says Larry Pluimer, Indigitous founder. “Outdoor companies that have supported the Conservation Alliance have always earned my respect. I continue to be inspired by the work of the Conservation Alliance and decided it’s time to step up and give back to the outdoors.”

“We feel very fortunate to have so many wonderful partners, Indigitous being an important one,” says John Sterling, Executive Director of The Conservation Alliance. “Indigitous shares our commitment to protecting wild places and with their support we will continue to push forward key conservation projects.”

Outdoor industry veteran Larry Pluimer made news in 2008 by joining in an effort to connect Amazon customers with outdoor recreation brands. The Amazon Outdoors storefront was launched 18 months later with a high profile campaign in partnership with the National Park Service.

Having glimpsed the massive potential has for influencing customers, Pluimer took what he learned from the e-commerce giant and founded Indigitous, a Seattle-based agency that helps brands navigate the complex and evolving labyrinth that is Amazon.

Indigitous provides clients with a competitive advantage on Amazon through strategic positioning and optimized brand presentations that resonate with Amazon customers.