The National Interscholastic Cycling Association said Minnesota, Washington and Texas are the three newest states in its high school mountain biking program. All three state are working toward creating high school mountain biking leagues next year.

Minnesota enters as an Emerging League, while Texas and Washington come in at the more developed level of Project League.

In a press conference at Interbike on Sept. 22, Matt Fritzinger, executive director of NICA, said, “We are surrounded by greatness, and in Vance McMurry, Lisa Miller, and Gary Sjoquist, we have three individuals with past records of great success. As organizers and cycling activists they have all the experience and leadership qualities needed to build successful leagues right out of the box.”

Ben Capron, of Specialized Bicycle Components, the acting president of NICA, said “Our goal is to provide coast-to-coast mountain biking for student athletes by 2020. We are now ahead of the curve with this goal.”

Vance McMurry, founding chair of the Texas High School Cycling League, who has worked in two presidential campaigns, said, “I’m super excited. This is the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s certainly the most exciting thing I’ve ever been involved with. Everybody just wants to help: teachers, parents, engineers, you name it.” The Texas League is aiming to register 200 riders in its first year. With a population of 1.1 million high school students within a 4.5 hour drive encompassing Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin, he thinks this is a feasible target. Texas schools will begin competition in Fall of 2011.

Lisa Miller, founding chair of the Washington High School Cycling League, paid tribute to the motivational work done by Matt Fritzinger. “Over a two-year period, Matt helped us put together a team of people (to create the Washington League). Matt was so enthusiastic and had all this great material, it was impossible not to get totally excited about it.” Racing for Washington schools will begin in Spring 2011, beginning in the six counties comprising and surrounding the Seattle metro area.

One of the main strengths of NICA is the quality of instructional and support materials it provides for its member leagues.

Gary Sjoquist, founding chair of the Minnesota High School Cycling League, which at this time is a Project League, is a former teacher who now works at Quality Bicycle Products. “I’ve been running a statewide mountain bike series, and was approached by some big retailers, who were already supporters of the series, who thought we should create a high school league. In the coming year we will prepare the materials NICA needs us to have in place. NICA provides a great template that includes website, coaching, administration – everything you need to run a successful high school mountain bike league. Minnesota already has several good mountain biking venues for a range of skill levels. Our early focus will be on the Twin Cities area, where there are 76 schools and 125,000 secondary school students. For us it’s not that heavy a lift; it’s a matter of pulling in the resources. I’m determined that this not be a bike culture thing; we’re going to spread it out into the larger community.”

A new NICA league goes through three stages of development: Emerging, Project, and Chapter.

NICA is the National Governing Body for grades 9-12 interscholastic mountain biking. NICA was established 2009 with generous funding from the national founding sponsor, Specialized Bicycle Components, as well as establishing partners, Easton Foundations, SRAM and Trek Bicycles.

Other fine sponsors include Clif Bar & Company, Creation Engine, GU Sports, IMBA, Primal Wear, Shimano, CamelBak, Dirt Rag, Feedback Sports, Fort Lewis College, Fox Racing Shox and Mountain Bike Action.


The aim of NICA is to foster the development of high quality competitive cross-country mountain biking programming for High School aged athletes. NICA provides leadership, governance and program support to promote the development of interscholastic Mountain Biking Leagues throughout the United States.