GSI Commerce Inc. announced that it has signed an agreement with C.C. Filson Co., to supply the company with a multichannel, e-commerce solution enabling the direct-to-consumer retailer to relaunch its online store and provide integrated operations and support for customer care and fulfillment.

C.C. Filson Co., a privately held, Seattle-based company, has provided customers premium outdoor apparel and accessories for more than a century. The company operates its flagship retail store in Seattle, and generates a substantial portion of its business through its direct-to-consumer operations. Under a multiyear agreement, GSI Commerce will provide C.C. Filson Co. with a comprehensive, integrated solution that includes core e-commerce technology, fulfillment, and customer care services. Additionally, GSI Commerce will provide C.C. Filson Co. with partner services such as online marketing and Web store design.

“By partnering with GSI Commerce, C.C. Filson Co. can take advantage of GSI Commerce's world-class support for direct-to-consumer businesses. Further, partnering provides C.C. Filson Co. with an opportunity to grow our direct business faster than we could on our own and also provides a seamless and consistent service experience for our customers – whether they purchase our products over the Web, or through our catalog,” said Doug Williams, chief executive officer at C.C. Filson Co.

“C.C. Filson Co. has for more than a century fashioned a reputation as a manufacturer, distributor and retailer of premium, rugged outdoor apparel and accessories. We are honored to have been trusted with the C.C. Filson brand and we are excited about the relaunch of their Web business and the opportunity to contribute to the overall growth of the C.C. Filson Co.'s direct-to-consumer business,” said Damon Mintzer, executive vice president of sales for GSI Commerce.