Garmin Ltd. said that it  increased its global market
share in the portable navigation device (PND) market to 33.7% in 2008, up from
27.8% in 2007, according to research was provided by Canalys, an independent technology market analyst firm. According to Canalys estimates, Garmin's PND shipments grew by 42% year
on year.

The Canalys figures include total worldwide PND sales for the 2008
calendar year. The report did not include Garmin’s other significant
product segments – outdoor, fitness, marine, and aviation products –
which would extend the company’s global leadership in the market for
location-based devices even further.

In all, Garmin delivered 16.9 million total units in 2008, a 38%
increase from 2007. Despite a very challenging economic climate, the
company posted total revenue of $3.49 billion in 2008, up 10% from
$3.18 billion a year earlier. All geographic areas experienced revenue
growth as well in 2008, with North America up 13%, Europe up five
percent, and Asia up one percent.