Climbing holds manufacturer Force Climbing has partnered with the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC). The IFSC stated that Force Climbing will strengthen the pool of partners supporting the development of both the IFSC and Sport Climbing.

Only recently launched, the Canadian climbing holds manufacturer is already establishing itself in the climbing industry and is now officially an IFSC Main Partner in the holds category. The introduction of 3D printing to climbing holds is seen as a step forward to new and exciting possibilities for the sport.

“With the inclusion in Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games sport program, Sport Climbing has been recognized for its innovative, dynamic and youth assets. These values are definitely in line with the ones of our new partner and we are happy to share this journey with such an innovative brand,” said IFSC Marketing and Communications Director Anne Fuynel.

In the last few years, Sport Climbing has been experiencing new exposure, with a growing digital community and broadcasters increasingly attracted to the sport. This new partnership is another step toward sustainable growth and highlights its growing attractiveness in North America.

As an IFSC Main Partner, Force Climbing will be present throughout IFSC events and activities of 2017. Additionally, the start-up will have representation on IFSC social media platforms as it releases climbing holds.

“Force Climbing is absolutely thrilled and humbled to have partnered with the IFSC,” said Terry Ziolkowski, president of Force Climbing. “Supporting the efforts and movements the IFSC has brought to the sport has moved and inspired us to join forces. Partnerships run deep throughout the climbing world, and with this partnership, we feel there is much that can be accomplished. Looking forward to what will come over this next year.”

“We are working hard on the development of our sport and its market to give athletes the best conditions and our expanding audience a thrilling experience,” said IFSC President Marco Scolaris. “The climbing community has always been supportive and shown, once again with this new stakeholder, that we can rely on it to reach the new challenges ahead.”