Fila Holdings raised its total annual dividend payout ratio for a fifth consecutive year, as the company approved during a recent board meeting an annual dividend payment of 45.07 billion Korean won or 750 won per share. The company’s total annual dividend per share for 2022 reached 1,580 won including a special dividend per share of 830 won paid last November, with overall dividends for 2022 amounting to 94.95 billion won.

Referring to the total amount of dividends paid out relative to the controlling shareholders’ net income, Fila Holdings’ total annual dividend payout ratio for 2022 increased to 27.4 percent, rising from 2.1 percent for 2018 and 25.5 percent for 2021. The company also increased its total dividend per share for a third consecutive year, with a significant hike of 58 percent from 1,000 won per share for 2021 to 1,580 won per share for 2022.

The decision to increase its dividend payout ratio was in line with Fila Holdings’ active shareholder return policy, as the company is committed to enhancing shareholder value through its five-year global strategy “Winning Together” announced last year. Also driven by this strategy alongside responsible management, the special dividend paid out in 2022 was the company’s first since its foundation.

By sharing its investment performance with shareholders, Fila Holdings is providing a stable and long-term investment environment. While maintaining solid cash flow, the company plans to gradually raise its annual total shareholder return rate based on the controlling shareholders’ net income by up to 50 percent by 2026.

The company stated on Monday that it had tentatively tallied 4.22 trillion won in sales and 430.94 billion won in operating profit after reviewing last year’s consolidated financial statements.

“We are steadily increasing our dividend payout ratio and enhancing shareholder value as we drive forward with responsible management,” said Fila Holdings CFO Ho Yeon (Aaron) Lee. He added, “We will continue to increase our corporate reliability and attractiveness to domestic and foreign investors through active shareholder return policies while further solidifying the company’s position as a shareholder-friendly company.”

Fila Holdings’ annual dividend for 2022 will be issued within one month of the date of resolution when financial statements are approved during its 33rd regular shareholder’s meeting in March.