USA Dawgs, Inc. hired Lisa Moran has joined their management team as director of sales management U.S. Wholesale division.

In her position Moran will oversee a new approach to sales management and distribution. After spending years working with manufacturers in training and managing territory road reps, Moran discovered a more efficient way to minimize travel and expense and to maximize selling and servicing to the gift and apparel retailers across the country.

MOMS, Modern Organization of Motivated Sales, was formed to offer women an opportunity to achieve their dreams of owning their own businesses and becoming Mompreneurs. As independent 1099 contractors, the MOMS have the benefit of working flexible schedules in micro territories while developing their own business and balancing a productive family lifestyle.

As an industry leader for a broad array of fast-selling, profitable product lines from fashion and accessories to top-of-the-line comfort footwear, USA Dawgs is excited to partner with MOMS to help women pursue their passion to become Mompreneurs while supplying retailers with quality products and timely service.

Moran's extensive experience and industry knowledge for increasing sales distribution channels, and fluency with current fashion trends, brand development and new product launch make her a key addition to the USA Dawgs family.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Dawgs is a globally diversified designer, manufacturer, and distributor of footwear and apparel. Products include winter and summer casual wear, popular sandals, work and safety boots and shoes, golf shoes and slippers.