Confluence Watersports will be donating a portion of sales of their Wilderness Systems Tsunami kayaks to the disaster relief effort in Southeast Asia. Confluence will donate a
minimum of $20,000 a year through Outdoor Industry Association’s disaster relief program with AmeriCares for the lifetime of the product. In addition to the initial contribution, Confluence will match Confluence employee donations to the tsunami relief fund up to a half day’s pay.

“I have spent a lot of time in the area hit by the tsunami and hope that our
contributions over the next several years will help in the relief and
rebuilding of this beautiful and majestic region,” said Kelley Woolsey, SVP
Marketing and Sales Confluence Watersports.

Wilderness Systems launched the Tsunami line of kayaks in August of 2004, and
anticipates that the boat will be in the market for six to seven years. Based
on the product’s lifecycle and sales, Confluence expects to make a total
contribution of about $100,000 to the relief fund. Each Tsunami will be marked
with a commemorative logo and a statement of remembrance of the December 26,
2004 tragedy.

Wilderness Systems latest touring kayak models have each had weather related
names like Tempest and Tsunami.

For more information on AmeriCares or to make a donation visit or call 1-800-486-HELP (4357).