On the heels of an aggressive expansion year in which it expanded its licensing base to include Vision Street Wear and the former Gen-X brands Lamar, LTD, and Ultra Wheels, Collective Licensing International, LLC has entered into new international licensing agreements for its Airwalk brand in Taiwan, and its Vision Street Wear brand in Japan.

Collective has renewed its current agreement with Hanray Industrial that has Hanray designing and marketing all categories of Airwalk branded product including footwear, outerwear, apparel, accessories, and hardgoods throughout Taiwan through 2011. Collective has also entered a three-year license agreement with Tokyo-based Runtech Inc. to design, market, and sell Vision Street Wear branded footwear throughout Japan, which will expire in 2009.

“Both Hanray Industrial and Runtech Inc. have earned reputations as leaders in brand building and sales,” said Bruce Pettet, president and CEO of Collective. “We’re confident that these partnerships will benefit the long term growth of these highly recognized youth lifestyle brands.”