Jarden Corporation, parent company to Coleman, reported that sales for their ‘Outdoor Solutions’ segment increased 11% during the third quarter due to an extended summer season and abnormally warm weather driving sales of new products in the Water Recreation and Tailgating categories.

Coleman saw heavy increases in sales through the month of September due to these weather patterns. Coleman has also picked up several new distribution channels, most notably Lands End.

Since Coleman is a pre-qualified FEMA supplier, the company made significant contribution to the hurricane relief effort. However, hurricane relief sales were actually down slightly for the quarter since three hurricanes hit the U.S. during Q3 last year.

The Outdoor Solutions business segment reported a 5.7% operating margin. Jarden believes there is considerable room for improvement in the profitability area and has set a 2008 company-wide EBITDA target of 15% of sales.