O’sullivan Industries Holdings, Inc. announced a strategic licensing agreement between O’sullivan Furniture and The Coleman Company, Inc. that grants O’sullivan a license to use the Coleman(R) brand on an innovative new line of storage products called Coleman Furniture for Your Garage(TM).

“This agreement provides an excellent opportunity for O’sullivan Furniture’s new Furniture for Your Garage program to capture a leadership position in the growing market for storage and organization in America’s 65 million garages, and the $800 million portion of the U.S. storage market,” said Rick Davidson, president and chief executive officer of O’sullivan Furniture.

“All of us at Coleman are excited by the prospects offered by our new strategic branding alliance with one of America’s leading furniture companies, O’sullivan Furniture,” announced Bill Phillips, president of The Coleman Company, Inc. “The Coleman Furniture for Your Garage program places our brand and its high consumer quality perception on a product line that clearly addresses the step up opportunity that is available in the garage storage category.”

Mr. Davidson continued, “Currently, there are few storage products that are designed to meet the specific needs of the garage. Consumers are generally offered a very limited choice of commodity shelving, metal racks, toolboxes or white cabinets. However, the Coleman Furniture for Your Garage product line provides a solution that features modular flexibility of design and layout, strong steel drawer sides, durable Work Shield(TM) laminate finishes, innovative wall mounting systems, and user-friendly features such as task lighting and power access. The Furniture for Your Garage by Coleman provides the premium storage offering that is so obviously needed in the home improvement market.

“Coleman Furniture for Your Garage provides a truly focused and innovative storage product line that will be attractive to home centers, hardware, sporting goods, home improvement and discount retailers. All of these retailers service homeowners who need a quality storage solution that is not currently available at retail,” stated Mr. Davidson.

Mr. Phillips concluded, “Coleman products are already found in millions of American garages. Coleman Powermate(R) generators and compressors, as well as recreational products have received wide consumer acceptance. We believe that Coleman Furniture for Your Garage represents a natural extension of the relationship that Coleman has already forged with America’s consumers.”