Chelsea FC plc reduced its fiscal loss 42.9% from £140.4 million ($261.0 mm) last year to £80.2 million ($142.6 mm) this. Turnover increased 2.3% from £146.6m ($272.5 mm) to £150.0m ($266.8 mm). Merchandising increased by 44% from £7.7m ($14.3 mm) to £11.1m ($19.7 mm). Football activities increased by 6.3% from £122.7m ($228.1 mm) to £130.4m ($231.9 mm).

Chelsea FC Chief Executive Peter Kenyon said: “These figures demonstrate that the business is moving in the right direction with increases and growth in all the major income streams.

“That positive trend will only continue as, for example, this year end does not take into account the benefits of our adidas deal.

“Last year we took some painful decisions in order to help us achieve our long term business aims. This year’s figures prove that was the correct decision. With increasing sponsorship income, television revenue, and ongoing success on the field, those positive trends are projected to continue.”