CCM Hockey, a subsidiary of the Adidas Group, issued a call to action to inspire youth teams across North America to play an active role in their communities during the holiday season, and will reward them for doing so through CCM Assists.

Inspired by the good deed of New York City native Dylan Gallagher, 12, who has been collecting used equipment to assist Ice Hockey in Harlem, CCM donated more than $20,000 worth of brand-new sticks, skates and helmets to the non-profit organization.

Ice Hockey in Harlem has been providing hockey instruction, coaching and games free of charge for kids in Harlem since 1987. The donation stems from CCM Assists, a powerful social campaign that underlines CCM’s commitment to communities.

Between December 1 and December 31, 2016, CCM Assists will encourage players to volunteer and do good deeds in their communities. Players will be asked to share images/videos with a short description of their “assist” in the community via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Participants will be asked to use the hashtags #CCMAssists and #Entry to enter their submissions.

In early January, CCM will randomly select five participants, and will reward the winners with top-of-the-line CCM hockey sticks for his or her entire team – or another team of his or her choice.

For rules and regulations go here.

Photo courtesy CCM Hockey