In a statement, Cascade Designs, the Seattle-based manufacturer of outdoor gear including the Therm-a-Rest, Mountain Safety Research (MSR), SealLine, Platypus and PackTowl brands, said it “strongly believes that in coming together as a $646 billion dollar industry we will be a more powerful and meaningful force in protecting our nation’s public lands.”

The press release continue, “This is a time for unity and while Utah may not be the best venue ideologically, and we oppose actions emanating from its congressional delegation regarding our public lands, we believe that Outdoor Retailer is still the best place for us to come together to discuss pressing issues that impact the industry as a whole.”

The Outdoor Industry Association has been the sole unifying voice for our industry, helping quantify and amplify our voice in state capitals and on Capitol Hill. We have seen action in the form of outdoor recreation policy advisors appointed to governor’s offices in Washington, Colorado and Utah. We have seen laws passed that account for the economic impact of our industry as a whole and show the power we have as a combined force nationally. And we as an industry have been able to lead the way nationally on a host of regulatory issues.”

We feel that by being present at OR we can continue to be an active member in the conversation and pushing collective actions defending our public lands, and that we will ultimately, as an industry, find a home for Outdoor Retailer that reflects the values we continue to uphold.”

“Cascade Designs invites other brands to join us in that conversation at OR and to be a part of the OIA’s Capitol Summit in Washington, D.C., in April to speak loudly and strongly against policies that impact the long-term protection of our public lands and of our industry as a whole.”