Blackbird Products Group, LLC, doing business as Mammoth Coolers, welcomed David McHan as VP of product development and sourcing, and Cody McHan as digital media specialist.

McHan has years of experience in the outdoor industry, as the previous owner of American Buffalo Knife & Tool (ABKT). “I’m excited about this new opportunity and feel that our combined endeavors can improve and grow all of the products included in the Blackbird Products Group line,” said McHan.

McHan has years of experience in the outdoor industry working with ABKT.

“David and I are really excited to join the talented Blackbird Products Group team,” said McHan. “They offer a broad array of talent that we know will help take the ABKT brand to new heights.”

“David and Cody both have valuable market experience and skills that align well with our growing team,” said Mike Hannigan, CEO of Blackbird Products Group, LLC. “Their addition greatly increases our capability to efficiently develop new products and bring them to market.”

Photo courtesy Blackbird Products