Bauer Hockey, Inc. of Toronto, Ontario, announced a multi-year partnership with Propex Operating Company, LLC, of Chattanooga, TN, the producer of CURV Composite Technology. CURV is a high-tech composite material used in Bauer Hockey’s elite-level skates.


This partnership is exclusive to Bauer Hockey and utilizes patented technology that was developed by Propex as part of Bauer Hockey’s long-standing investment to elevate player performance and continuously exceed expectations in product development.

“Utilizing state-of-the-art materials for our equipment is a priority because players are always looking for maximum performance and protection, and they know our brands meet these demands,” said Kevin Davis, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bauer Performance Sports. “Our partnership with Propex is a continuation of this commitment, and we’re pleased this exclusive relationship has been extended.”

CURV Composite Technology captures exceptional mechanical properties by incorporating a process for weaving different composite materials without requiring additional reinforcement, such as with an additional structure, to maintain stiffness. As a result, the product also yields high tensile strength and outstanding impact resistance at a significantly lower weight than many other composite materials. CURV® Composite Technology is one of the many high-end technologies that go into Bauer Hockey’s high performance skates.

“Propex is thrilled to be exclusively partnered with the leading hockey skate manufacturer in the industry and believes BAUER has used CURV Composite Technology in a way that showcases the technology’s key properties and benefits,” said Dave Gartshore, Business VP for CURV Composite Technology at Propex. “We anticipate many examples of ground-breaking, innovative product developments happening throughout this mutually beneficial partnership.”

Bauer Hockey utilizes CURV Composite Technology in its current line of skates, including the Supreme Totalone NXG, the Supreme One.9 and the Vapor APX.