Batch Bicycles, a new brand serving specialty retailers in the United States, on Tuesday debuted the company’s line of bicycles at Interbike Marketweek, the bicycle trade show.

For much more on the company, click here to read Huffy CEO: Batch Bicycles To Target ‘Underserved’ Market, the April 18, 2018, SGB Executive Q&A with Bill Smith, president and CEO of The Huffy Corp.

The company plans to drive incremental sales for specialty retailers with high quality, competitively priced bikes that are crafted to appeal to recreational riders.

Batch Bicycles’ carefully considered line includes comfort, commuter, cruiser, mountain and kids’ bikes. All of its bikes are built with 6061 aluminum frames, Shimano drivetrains and double-walled aluminum rims that are size-optimized for type of rider and terrain. Their MSRPs range from $89 to $449, a price range that is typically underrepresented at specialty retail.

“Crafted with Purpose” and focused on recreational riders, Batch Bicycles feature several differentiating brand marks including a palette of signature colors—Batch Blue, Ignite Orange and Pitch Black—unique batch numbers.

“We’re offering a well-spec’d product line that can be ordered via mobile app or our website,” said Dorothy Pacheco, Batch Bicycles sales and marketing manager. “The bikes will only be sold and picked up at full-service specialty retailers.”

Established in April by Huffy Bicycles parent United Wheels, Batch Bicycles is also offering profitable margins from 42 to 50 percent, without the need for minimum buys, pre-sale commitments, inventory requirements or complex discount structures. The brand’s “Batch Approach” breaks the traditional mold and follows its credo, “Simple, Honest and Pure.” The company’s business model is designed to avoid standard sales programs, which retailers often find cumbersome.

“Our main objective is to make it really easy for retailers to do business with us,” said Pacheco. “Retailers have the flexibility to order one bike at a time, or multiple bikes, with delivery in two to three days.”