Backcountry's ski-only ODAT (one-deal-at-a-time) site,, has gone dark. The decision came down just four months after Backcountry closed its snowboard-specific ODAT site, Backcountry said the two closures will enable it to give customers a better overall experience on the original ODAT site for outdoor gear,

“Just as we saw with Brociety in relation to, we found that the vast majority of Tramdock shoppers were also Steep and Cheap customers,” said Luke Cudney, ODAT marketing director at “This means that people were looking for deals on gear in at least two places.  We weren't serving anyone by making it harder for them. By moving all of Tramdock's inventory over to Steep and Cheap, we can now sell the same amount of ski stuff, but we can sell it among a diverse selection of other super high-end outdoor gear.  It'll make for a better customer experience overall.” was launched in 2005 as an online ski shop. In late 2008, after witnessed the huge popularity of its one-deal-at-a-time sites, and, Tramdock was transformed into a skiers' version of ODAT.

“This is a change, but it's a change that will be better for everyone,” said Cudney. “Ski deals and ODAT still go together like bread and butter, but who wants to survive on bread alone? Now all your killer outdoor gear deals will be served up in one place – on”