is establishing a “for us by us” mindset among its snowboarding employees and customers with the launch of its sixth vertical on-line retail store. Dedicated entirely to Snowboard equipment and apparel, will leverage’s existing warehouse and distribution infrastructure while creating an independent customer service team staffed entirely by snowboarders.

Jason Dyer, a former professional snowboarder who now coaches for the Park City Snowboard Team, has been appointed “store manager.” The customer service team will regularly attend clinics on new products or technology evolution, designed to make them authoritative sources for information on tech, fit, gear selection, and snowboard questions.

“Space issues usually limit the depth of a traditional shop’s inventory,” said Dyer. “Because we have access to an amazing warehouse and storage, we can keep the availability of hot items up for a longer period.” was one of the first on-line retail shops to show success without specializing in moving grey-market and closeout inventory. While the company does operate some close-out only sites, the vast majority of its web-presence is dedicated to selling full-priced merchandise through its flagship site,; its ski-only site,; its adventure travel site,, and now