Atomic has reorganized its alpine and snowboard sales force in the southwestern territories of California, Arizona, and Nevada.

The reorganization means long-time Atomic sales rep Rob Dill and Mark Mackay will begin servicing all of Atomic’s alpine business in the southwest. Dill assumes the position of Territory Business Manager and Mackay the Associate Sales Representative and Territory Support Specialist. With the added personnel and new products like the Snoop Daddy, the California-based alpine team of Dill and Mackay looks forward to a strong Atomic winter in 2006-07.

Additionally, Territory Business Manager Ken Fujimura and sales associate Ariel Wilbur will continue to represent Atomic Snowboarding in the Southwest.

“As the wintersports business evolves, we must adjust to meet new challenges,” said Matt Sleeper, V.P. of retail sales for Atomic. “One such challenge is to provide our retail partners with the support they need to grow and be profitable in an ever-changing marketplace.”