ATN, known for its night vision and thermal imaging optics for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, military and law enforcement, announced that it opened a new distribution hub and sales office in Doral, FL.

Having two locations strategically placed on each coast will give ATN a better handle on the logistical needs of its customers, ATN said in a statement. The expansion in the sales staff will allow ATN to provide better service to customers.

“We are very excited for what the future holds for ATN. As we grow and expand our product offerings along with the growth and expansion of ATNs capabilities and infrastructure. We are poised to become the dominant brand in the Smart Night Vision and Smart Thermal Optics category,” said James Munn CEO of ATN.

The Doral addition comes as ATN’s growth continued into double-digits in 2019. The company’s products include night vision goggles, binoculars, and rifle scopes.

Photo courtesy ATN