Asics Corp. announced that its investment subsidiary, Asics Ventures Corporation, has invested in Bisu, Inc., a startup developing “Bisu Body Coach,” a home health lab.

Bisu Body Coach is currently in beta and will launch with a nutrition test, consisting of a disposable microfluidic test stick, a reader to use hygienically by multiple people and a companion smartphone app. The app synchronizes to the reader and provides feedback on nutrition indicators and makes customized recommendations based on a user’s goals, test results and wearable device data.

In accordance with its mid-term plan 2023, Asics said is seeking to “create innovation by future technology and hence has solicited ideas from startups for products and services that will use its technology and brand to accelerate the realization of innovative ideas.”

Through a partnership with Bisu, Asics said it would “examine the possibility of utilizing this home health lab technology to collect data that enables deeper insights and personalized advice to enhance personal health and athletic performance for enabling healthy and fulfilled minds and bodies for people all over the world.”

Photo courtesy Bisu