Adventure Technology today welcomed legendary paddler and adventure photographer Erik Boomer to its pro team.

“Boomer made a name for himself paddling some of the world’s wildest whitewater with first descents in the United States and Canada,” said Evan Lyendecker, marketing director for Adventure Technology. “Erik truly embodies what it means to be an Adventure Technology athlete, consistently expanding our vision of what is possible.”

In 2012, Boomer and Arctic explorer Jon Turk completed the first-ever 1,485-mile circumnavigation of Ellesmere Island, Canada. In 2015, Boomer crossed an icecap on Canada’s Baffin Island to secure the first descent of the Weasel River, a whitewater rapid that flows between two of the world’s highest freestanding cliffs.

One of Boomer’s biggest adventures to date will take place this fall. In August 2016, Boomer will tow his kayak across 1,000 km of Greenland’s icecap to take on the first descent of a whitewater river that’s so off-the-beaten-path that its name is unmarked on maps.

“I’ve been paddling Adventure Technology for over a decade. I love Adventure Technology paddles’ aesthetics and ergonomic, high-performance designs,” said Boomer. “They’re the best paddles in the industry.”

Boomer joins world record holder and Wizard’s Eye adventurer Tyler Bradt, whitewater legend Ben Brown, First Descents founder Brad Ludden, and world-class kayaker Rafa Ortiz. T